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Christchurch 423 Bealey Rd
Charing Cross, Canterbury, 7671
New Zealand

Proudly making Italian cheese in New Zealand. Since 2005.


Terms & Conditions

We will deliver your pre-ordered cheese at the weekly market.

Or, come over and visit us.

Pre-ORDER YOUR CHEESE online. Collect it at the weekly market.

Emilio makes fresh cheese every week. And every week, at every market, we get asked for more. So we've come up with a simple but effective way to make sure we can fulfil the request: pre-orders online.

Cool. How does it work!


  1. Choose your favorite fresh or seasoned cheese: stracchino, mozzarella, formaggella, ricotta, alpeggio, grotta... 
  2. send us a message here. Let us know at which market you'd like to collect it.
  3. We bring your cheese at the market. You grab your package before others insist for stealing it, pay, and you're done.

Yum... Say Cheese.