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Christchurch 423 Bealey Rd
Charing Cross, Canterbury, 7671
New Zealand

Proudly making Italian cheese in New Zealand. Since 2005.

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Emilio's Cheese prides itself for the quality of its products. We participated to some Nz Cheese Awards competitions in the past few years (except in 2013 when we couldn't participate). At Emilio's Cheese we don't like it when things are too easy. We like a good challenge, so every year we send different cheeses to the competition. The feedback from the judges ( as well as what our clients say) helps us to improve the quality of our products. Here below are some of the recognitions we received over the years. (NZ Cheese Awards)



In 2014 Stracchino won the Best Fresh Unripened Cheese of New Zealand

In 2010 and 2011 Emilio also won Champion Hobbyist Cheesemaker of New Zealand and Best Hobbyist Cheese of New Zealand.



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Alpeggio 2016

Stagionato 2016

Stagionato 2015

Stracchino 2014

Mozzarella 2011

Ricotta 2010 (Hobbyst category) 

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Stracchino Bresciano 2015

Nodini di Mozzarella 2012

Ricotta 2011

Provolone 2011

Caciotta (Formaggella) 2011

Mozzarella 2010


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bronze medals


Valle 2017

Grana 2017

Alpeggio 2015

Mozzarella Fior di Latte 2014

Ricotta 2014

Formagella 2014

Bosco 2014

Stracchino 2012

Padano (Grana) 2011

Formagella 2010